Nepal Current

GNE still sees the need to help the people of Nepal improve their health through nutrition.  The micronutrient-deficient diet is still commonplace, perhaps even more so after the earthquake.  The risk of preventable birth defects continues.  The health and vitality of women and children continue to suffer.  
We want to convince the Nepal government of the wisdom and safety of providing vitamin supplements. We will continue to meet with local leaders and officials to lobby on this issue.  Organizations like SUN are also doing this on the international level.
Our contacts and networks in Nepal remain.  GNE wants to continue to provide education about nutrition and encourage local health leaders to improve dietary practices.  We have the capacity to provide education on other topics that affect women and children as well.  For example, we work alongside Days for Girls to help young women deal with menstruation.  
We are developing new education modules and platforms to spread the message about nutrition and health.

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